SO Meetup - Afterthoughts

02 May 2012 The SO meetup held at 28.4 was quite an interesting event. Seven of us gathered at the cosy premises of Hub Jkl. We had a five talks ranging from graphical notations to web development. The sessions were quite lively and sparked conversation. It is likely we'll arrange another similar event later on May.


Tero Tilus talked about graphical notations. Did you know that UML uses only one visual dimension? I didn't. I'll never look at maps the same. The slides of the presentation aren't available yet but they might appear here should there be demand.

I gave three presentations. A longer one and two short ones. In the first short one I talked about two tools I've developed recently: suite.js and generators.js. The presentation, originally intended to be five minutes long, sparked some interesting conversation. As a result I have some idea how to develop the tools further. You can study the slides below:

My second presentation was about static websites. During the last few months or so I've developed a few so I thought to share some of my findings. Even though the technology is quite old school, it's still relevant. The primary advantage of static is that it's very easy to serve. Just dump the HTML to some web server and off you go. Examine the slides for further details:

My third presentation discussed Bootstrap and Skeleton CSS frameworks briefly. In this presentation I primarily wanted to motivate people to give either of these a go. They make a remarkable difference for a casual developer. There is no need to build it all by hand. Instead you can pick a framework and get something cool done without having to spend entire month on it. The slides are available below:

Last but not least Tsuri Kamppuri discussed about a MVC framework he built using PHP. Man, I'm so happy I don't have to work with PHP anymore. Anyway, it was nice to see what you can do with it if you really want to.


Overall I think that the event was a success. Sure, it might have been fun to have more people around but I feel everyone got something out of it. It is likely we'll arrange another one later on May. This time we'll make sure to let people know of the event earlier so it's easier to make room for it in the calendar.

A couple of persons have already announced that they might have some topics to discuss about. I'm particularly excited about a certain design related prospect. It's more than fine to have less nerdy talks amongst the more nerdy ones.

Geek Collision v0.20

29 Apr 2012 The next Geek Collision will be held on next Thursday (3.5) at Vihreä Haltiatar (as usual). See you there at 18:00!

Call for Dates - Geek Collision v0.20

28 Apr 2012 A new geek collision is coming up, time for a Doodle.

More info on the successful meetup (slides etc.) in the next post...

SO Meetup on 28.4 (Sat) 14:00- at HubJkl

26 Apr 2012 This time we are going to have Stack Overflow themed collision. Apparently geeks around the world will gather on 28th so why not to join them. The event will be organized at the premises of HubJkl (Gummeruksenkatu 9 B 10) and will begin at 2 PM. See the map below for exact location:

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After enjoying/suffering through a few presentations, we'll head towards the good ol' green. If you have done something interesting lately, be sure to prepare a talk. The program hasn't been fixed entirely so there's room for those.

Just so you know what to await for, we'll be having talks at least about graphical notations in information systems and something about GitHub Pages.

See you there! If you are coming, please let us know by adding yourself to our Doodle. You might also bring your laptop if you happen to own one. Probably doesn't hurt unless it's one of those luggable ones.

Big thanks to the fine people of HubJkl for making this event possible.

New look for the blog

19 Apr 2012 Times change and so do web page layouts. The new look adds a bit of the oh-so-glorius Web 2.0 feel.

Python workshop tomorrow!

19 Apr 2012 Qvantel is organizing a Python workshop tomorrow (20th of April) in Agora building starting at 2PM. There will be three sessions from entry level stuff to web development with Django.

The workshop is free to join and there will be some pizzas sponsored by Qvantel. 

If you have any questions send email to our mailing list at (you must join before you can post) or direcly to Fabian Snovna at

Geek Collision v0.19

06 Apr 2012 GC v.0.19 next Thursday in Vihreä Haltiatar.

Thursday was the most popular date on Doodle.
See you there at 18:00.

Geek Collision v0.18 relocation to Hemmingsway's!

05 Mar 2012
It appears that there is also a Python meet up in Jyväskylä tomorrow arranged by Fabian Kreutz from Qvantel. So we are going to join them and discus about possibility of Python User Group in Jyväskylä.

Here's the original email I got

Greetings, interested Programmer!
A few people are planning a public python user group for Jyväskylä. It all started with company-internal tutorials from experts to newbies but shall now grow.
All we have are a few ideas:
 * Have tutorials e.g. in university premises, maybe once a month?
 * Program some fun game together
 * Let meetings be sponsored by our companies (as they benefit via:
recruitement connections, education of employees etc)
 * Logo could be two snakes winding around Harju
 * Join the RY located in Turku?
 * Chat-meetings in pubs in the evening
So for now please
 a) forward this email to 3 - 5 friends that might be interested (be smart - use BCC!)
 b) come to meet on Tuesdays the 6th of March 2012 in Hemmingsway's at 19:00
where we will brainstorm the next steps.
 Fabian Kreutz

We will of course have normal Geek Collision on the side, so no need to skip even if you are not interested in Python. We just relocated to make this meet up easier and not to isolate similar groups from each others.

See ya around six there then!

Geek Collision v0.18 on Tuesday!

04 Mar 2012 Next Geek Collision is on next Tuesday (6.3.) at Vihreä Haltiatar starting around six. See ya!

Geek Collision v0.18 and Instanssi hack fest coming!

27 Feb 2012 Geek Collision v0.18 is coming up and so is Instanssi hack fest!

Instanssi is a festival of digital making in Jyväskylä 9-11.3.2012. Are you already working on your entry? If not you should! There are no limits! Just hack, create and have fun! Be sure to get your ticket now. There are no too many left anymore.
But before this huge "Geek Collision" we must have one smaller one for entry plotting etc. in Vihreä Haltiatar.

Pick a date:

Background image (CC BY-NC-SA) by Huckt